FAQ's and Advertising Costs 

Please find below information to help you decide what type of advertising is right for your own business, the possibilities are almost endless so please read our information and call us for further assistance if required. We can provide anything from a LOGO linking to your website, simple Contact Details only to a fully featured Business Showcase which has unlimited content, pictures, audio and video (as required) .
On top of this, you can choose to appear in a Business Showcase for a day,week, month, quarter or year ?
(an additional charge may be applicable but please ask at the free consultation).

We can also provide Full Page Features, Mini Webverts and any type of Website from Single Page Brochure Websites to full E-Commerce sites with a choice of on-line payment options eg PayPal etc.

Our websites all have the option to include  content management systems which allow you to upload pictures and edit the text as often as you like !

As you can see, it is very difficult to provide costs that cover every eventuality. We find that getting together to discuss your own personal requirements is the best option but prices start from as little as £95-00 for a full years' promotion.

Please get in touch to arrange a totally free consultation.

Our mission is :-
"To provide the best Internet promotion available, for the best possible price to suit your own business needs" 

Please read our FAQ's which we've compiled to help guide you through the Internet jungle.

That's less than £2 per week !
Call free on 0800 955 1527 or 07813 647525

1. What is the difference between GoRedditch and all the other websites around? l

GoRedditch is like a living and breathing big glossy magazine with useful information and telephone numbers. This means that you will find everything you are looking for easily whether you are local or a visitor. Everyone can have a free listing, with the choice to add information, photos, sound, videos and links to their own sites if required. GoRedditch is updated daily, and growing all the time. We are completely dedicated to promoting local trade, events and information. 

2. How does it actually work?

It works because it is so big. Even very small businesses across the region can enjoy a fantastic position on Google. You may have heard of people wasting time and money on websites that didn't work. This is often because they were buried by so called big network websites that were so complicate the search engines struggled to find anything ! GoRedditch is it's own domain website so 2 clicks is all it takes to see anything and everything you need. The difference is that we aim to link and promote lots of small and medium size businesses together.  

  3. What if I already have a website? 

GoRedditch links to your existing website, so people can find it more easily. Alternatively, we can create a 'mini website' on GoRedditch for a fraction of the price that you would pay for a full website, and that will open the door to new business, and allow people to find you.

  4. I don't have a video or photos of my business, is this a problem?
We are more than happy to come and take photos, or you can use our official photographer (at no extra charge to you). We will help you choose words, and the type of advert that will really show off your business. Very often your suppliers will be able to provide suitable photo's or content but please get permission first. In our experience they will be delighted to assist because after all it is promoting them at the same time. Many of our customers receive supplier funding because of this. It certainly is worth the phone call to check ! 
 5. What is a search engine?

A search engine literally searches through all the information on the world wide web, to help you find what you are looking for. Google is an example of a search engine. They are amazingly fast, connecting you to the information you need instantly. Some websites try to trick the search engines into thinking that they contain information about something by using lots of words, called key words, that don't relate to their website to get a better ranking. So you might try to search for something locally, like 'Cake Shops in Redditch', and come up with a website that says sorry, no information available. There are many big bogus sites that rise above the smaller genuine ones. Sometimes these big national sites look as though they are local, and claim to be local, but they are not really. Instead, they contain adverts for national businesses.

6. How will it bring me more business? 

Adding photos and information about your business will help your potential customers get a feel for what you are all about.People like to see what they are getting. For instance, if a bed and breakfast advert contains a video of the rooms, people will feel confident about booking it without seeing it. Or, if a menu is available on line, people can pre-order. You just make it easier for people to use your services. And when lots of people do this, it shows the whole town off, and everyone wins.

  7. Is it just for Redditch or people outside? 

We aim to help businesses in Redditch and the surrounding area's.If there is someone offering something not found in our local postcode, we will list the closest one. However, no national or international businesses are allowed space on the site, unless of course they are a home-grown business still operating from the local area. We decided to include places such as Studley, Alcester, Astwood Bank and Barnt Green as these area's are a short distance away. 

8. I haven't got an email address, how can GoRedditch help me?

Good news! You don't even need to know anything about computers! We will list your telephone number and business address, and people can contact you in other ways!

We hope this is helpful, but please feel free to contact us with any other questions. We are more than happy to come and give you a free no obligation demonstration.  Contact martin@goredditch.co.uk


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