We have tried to capture as many of the floats and people as possible prior to the carnival precession
so enjoy browsing and I hope we got you !


During the precession, many of the crowds that were watching have been captured plus hopefully some of the atmosphere which in my opinion was superb. A very enjoyable event.

 - Jousting
 - Archery
 - Rock Climbing
 - Pony rides
 - Farrier demonstration
 - Quad Biking
 - Belly Dancing

There were many activities, events and displays to watch and get involved in after the precession on the field at the back of S.E.Davis.

Here are a few of the more popular ones with both Photograph's and Video available.

Carnival Queen & Mayor

No carnival is complete without a queen. Also reigning mayor Mr David Hunt and his wife were in attendance.


and now the crowds ...


Jousting, Archery, Climbing, quad Biking, Pony trekking, Jousting and Belly dancing ...WOW !